Devotional Essays on Prophecy and Christian Life

A Covenant Confirmed God's Gym Selah
About Face! Grappling with Growth Separated and Submitted
After the Deception Gulp!  
A Happy Troop Handling Love
Shots Across the Bow
A Judas in Jerusalem Happy Hour
Splash!  Grumble, Grumble
Allies Healthy Fear, Holy Love Stage Right
All Muddied Up Heavenly Minded Stuck in the Muck
All Truth Heaven's Joy Tapestry
A Pathetic Insanity He's Just a Man The Appeal of Zeal
Appointed with Attitudes His Desire, Our Delight The Aroma of Sacrifice
As Many as I Love His Reign and Wrath The Circle of Life
A Sure Ticket for Trouble Holy Take Down! The Daze of Lot
A Trump and a Blink  Humbling Three The Final Accounting
A Wedding and A War  In the Line of Fire 1 The Good Shepherd

 Bail More!... or Snore

 In the Line of Fire 2  The Heeding Never Halts
 Big Deal  It Is Written  
 The One
 Bleats and Roars  Jesus-like
 Bread   Last Days Identity Crisis  The Pastor Posture
 Breakpoint and Beyond   Last Days Lies  The Second Sign
 Bringing Down the House   Let Jacob Fade  This Ole House
 But One Thing   Let It Burn  This, Your Day
 Can You Hear Me Now?   Let's Get It Straight  TicketMaster
 Closing the Door   Life and Love  Three Quickly's
  Look on Him and Live!
 Tragedy and Triumph
 Come and See!  Tried and True, May We  Abide in You
 Comfort-able in Christ   Monster or Messiah  Turn Again
 Counterfeit Controllers   Muchness Turned or Taught
 Crazy Days   Never So High  Turned Out of Eden
 Crust-Busters   Object of Desire  Unapproachable
 Daniel 1 - the Test    Open Book   Uncrossable
 Daniel 7 – the Quartet?   Unsealed, Graves & Grace
 Daniel's Display
 Our Lord in Glory
 Death of the Debt Collector  Out on a Limb?  Victory
DEFCON 3  Outside the Camp  War and Peace
 Divine Design  Package Deal  War in Heaven, War on Earth
 Dreamworld  Peace Like a River  We Cry Abba
 Double-time  Perceiving with Believing  Weighing In As Worthy
 Dumbfounding Grace  Pinnacles of Prayer  What’s the Diff?
   'Pious' Prostitution  When All Is Said and Done
 Exceeding Expectations  Pitch Black  When Thrones Are 
Thrown Away
 Eye on the Ball  Prepared for His Appearing  Whole

 Faith for Your Family

 Priceless Love  Wisdom's Cry
 Fastened by Forgiveness  Rags to Riches
Ragamuffin Style
 Wising Up
 Finishing the Feasts  Ready?  Wrapping Up!
 Fire Eyes  Recreation God's Way  Wrong Questions, Right 


 Remember  With an Expected End in 
 First Fruit Re-reminded
 Forever Lost  Rest and Redemption  X-treme Faith
 Foundations of Faith  Rolled Away  You Can't Fight God and Win
 Gideon's in His Pockets!  Run With the Angels  
 Gim'me the Good Stuff  Ruthless